Our products

Olive oil is not only part of our daily diet but is much more. “It is a gift of nature”!

Erm’Olea has unique quality, distinct smell, and a rich and velvety taste due to its low level of acidity; characteristics that fascinate our senses.

Our high quality products come from selected olive tree plantations of Ermionida. They are produced straight from olive trees and only with mechanical methods according to the System of Good Agricultural practices and the Environmental Management System.

The temperature of extraction does not exceed 27 oC, thus ensuring that all rich smells and tastes are preserved unharmed.

Erm’Olea is rich in polyphenols, antioxidants and vitamin E with acidity 0,20 – 0,50. 

Our olive oil comes from the local variety Manaki which grows on our mountainside olive tree plantations under ideal cultivation and care conditions.


 ° Organic extra virgin olive oil                       ° Premium extra virgin olive oil