Our production

Our cultivation is of the Manaki variation with honoring distinctions both nationally and internationally that place it among the top cultivations in Greece.

We control all stages of production, from the mill till the final product, in order to ensure the high nutritious value of Erm’Olea. We thoroughly and regularly supervise the ground. We record every single tree and we conduct the required chemical analysis so as to assure the quality of the product and the avoidance of various diseases in time. 

The collection and process of the olives is conducted on the same day, in order to avoid the exposure of the product to weather conditions. The harvest is placed in linen sacks and transferred to the mill. There, at the end of the day, begins what is ritual to us: the production of our golden-green juice. All these contribute to retain the acidity of the olive oil low.

Before the product is packed, it is stored in specially designed chambers. Away from sunlight and in the appropriate temperature we let it rest and settle for 30 days approximately in order to maintain all the valuable nutrients without being diluted.

The biological cultivation and production of Erm’Olea are inspected and certified by ΔΗΩ (the Organization of Control and Certification of Biological Products of Greece).

The biological certification is a commitment towards our customers and a minimum tribute to our olive tree plantations.

The final product is packed by specialized personnel in up-to-date facilities and in accordance with the standards of ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, IFS & BRC.


ERMIONIDA’S OLIVE OIL IS A P.D.O. (protected designation of origin) PRODUCT.

ISO (International Organization for Standardization)
IFS (International Featured Standards)
BRS (British Retail Consortium)
ΔΗΩ (Οργανισμός Ελέγχου & Πιστοποίησης Βιολογικών Προιόντων) - Control & certification organisation for biological products